Beginning on March 31, 2021 payments will be sent to individuals who submitted an eligible claim. Your payment method will correspond to the selection made on your claim form. If you chose to receive a check, checks will be mailed to the address you provided with your claim submission. If you selected the digital pay option an email will be sent to the address entered on your claim form and will provide additional instructions on how to access your payment.

If you were an Indiana resident in March through July 2017,
you may be eligible for a portion of the
Office of the Indiana Attorney General’s settlement with Equifax.

In September 2017, Equifax – one of the world’s largest credit-reporting bureaus – announced it had experienced a data breach that impacted the personal information of approximately 3.9 million Indiana residents. Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill filed a lawsuit against Equifax on behalf of the State of Indiana in May 2019, in an effort to help Hoosiers harmed by the breach.

Earlier this year, the Office of the Indiana Attorney General (OAG) and Equifax settled that lawsuit. As part of the settlement, Equifax agreed to pay $19.5 million to the State of Indiana. That money is being directed to consumer restitution payments and costs associated with the settlement.

If your personal information was impacted in the data breach, you are eligible for a consumer restitution payment.

The claims filing deadline passed on December 16, 2020.
In order to be eligible to receive a payment, you must have submitted an eligible claim.